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“I believe my job is to create a safe space for you to gain insight into the unhealthy roles and patterns that keep you stuck. I do this by challenging and nurturing you, without judgment, in order to promote growth and change. Together we will explore healthier and holistic ways of coping and being. I have extensive experience working with individuals, couples, and families within a systems approach. This foundation enables you and your loved ones to become more congruent, better differentiated, and to set and maintain healthier boundaries. My approach will enable you to shift out of ineffective roles and patterns by gaining a stronger sense of self.”
– Melody Smith

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What Our Patients Say

Melody is kind, compassionate, and clearly loves what she does as a therapist. She has been a trusted resource and confidant for years, and continually seeks out new information through education. Melody has provided both couples' and individual counseling. She works to address our questions and concerns using a holistic approach. Our family values her not simply as a "fixer" therapist, but as part of our routine self-care, and desire to continually improve individually, and in strengthening out family system.

Erin S.

Absolutely amazing! She has made such a difference in my life, marriage, and family dynamics. I cannot thank Melody Smith enough for her compassion and the joy she has expressed in helping her patients!

Dawn G.

I began searching for the best counselor in our area when my fiance and I decided to try couples counseling. We made a great choice in Melody Smith! Her focus on fostering non-judgement and understanding is exactly what we needed. She is helping us to recognize our natural and automatic (yet sometimes destructive) patterns of communication. Not only that, but also where those patterns stem from and how our biology plays a role. Her office is peaceful and feels like a safe place to be open. I am very happy with the progress we've made in the short time we've been meeting with her. We definitely recommend Melody Smith Counseling.

Harmony G.

Melody is objective which is critical in this profession. She does a great job listening and help you think through the issues you might be facing. Professional and outstanding service all around. Thank you Melody!

Ali R.

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